Why you should visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is .. a stroll around the canals in an early sunny morning while admiring the colourful tilted houses on the sides. Amsterdam is .. beautiful little flower shops, pretty narrow streets leading to different adventures where you can get occasionally interrupted by a bike bell cling. The tulip capital is filled with friendly smiley faces ready to recommend the best places so you can experience the Dutch culture.


Visiting Holland`s capital was definitely a great decision. If you don’t have a lot of holiday at work, don’t worry! A long weekend is a perfect amount of time for you to get to know this little paradise and get to grips with its culture. There is something for everyone:

*If you appreciate art, don’t forget to stop by the Museum Square where you can find the home of Amsterdams arts and history selection as well as the most famous and complex work of Rembrandt “The night watch”. Next, ahead of you is Van Gogh museum consisting of the most prominent collection of post-impressionist paintings including the remarkable composition of “Sunflowers”. I must say, however, that my favourite one was “Almond Blossom” (please don’t judge me). Of course, after indulging yourself in the world of art, you will need to stop and take a picture in front of “I amsterdam” and also climb on top of one of the letters..


* If you are a foodie and you want to visit one of the trendy neighbourhoods, head towards the Pijp (the pipe)! You can find nice spots on every corner regardless of the time. We had a recommendation from a friend for “Omelegg” but both times we were there, the queues were massive. Love eggs? Skip the queues and go to “Stroom” for a nice latte and a eggy bite on delicious sourdough bread. For the seafood lovers, there is plenty of restaurants and bars offering you a variety of shellfish and fish. If you want to combine it with a drink, though, I would recommend “Mossel en Gin” where you can get best of both worlds. Their gin menu starts with a homemade raspberry infused gin and goes through differently spices and fruity assortments of blends. The food menu – oh the food menu! Where can I start .. Of course, you have oysters! Yes, oysters 🙂 Mussels and chips are a specialty and you can have them cooked with whatever you can imagine. We took the seafood platter – to try everything as usual which you can see on the pic below..

For the people who want to try something traditional – please remember crockets!! There are amazing and a must! Also the frites sauce – special Dutch mayo.. trust me you will want more.

* If you love a good fun, don’t forget to stop at the beer bars around where you can find Amsterdam and Brand beer – personally I would drink them again. Whoever wants a giggle, try our a coffeeshop and be careful with the smart ones.. you never know.

*Please please please go for a night walk around the canals and see the beauty of Amsterdam in the street lights reflected by the canals.

*Finally, go to a flower shop and buy some unique tulips! You can also find antiques, minerals and merchant markets with handmade goods. I wanted to go there for a while and it was totally worth it. I left with a tiny thought in my head … what if I move there?

If you love travelling and have visit Amsterdam, you can leave a comment below 🙂

SD x


Do you believe in luck?


Sunday afternoon, 2pm UK time. I’m sat in front of the London eye but I’m dreaming of a beach paradise somewhere. Why am I dreaming of an escape when I’m near one of the most popular places in the world? London eye is in front of me, Big Ben on my right and beautiful Thames on my left and I still want to be somewhere else. When I came here 4 years ago, from a small country in the East, I would have never imagined I’d be so lucky to call London my home. But then I’ve never perceived myself as lucky. Why you’d ask? Well maybe I had a wrong perception of the world and things happening around me or maybe it was part of me growing up. Maybe it was because luck is on a whole spectrum of definitions which mean different things to different people. Because what exactly is luck? For some people (it should be for most), luck is waking up in the morning. For others, is simply having a warm meal and shelter during the night. Of course for the average European, American ,Australian or just person luck goes beyond Maslow’s first layers of pyramid of needs. Luck is simply winning the lottery or having more than you had yesterday. In this pretty rough materialistic world, what do you consider lucky?

Well for me, as I realised (not soon enough), luck was opportunity. Luck is not given to you by anyone. Luck is what you make of your circumstances. Luck is what you risk to follow your dreams. Luck is grabbing those opportunities on your way which give you new, maybe a little bit scary but better, beginning. Of course sometimes not everyone gets the same opportunities but in life generally you do. Just look around you, wherever you are. If you can read this, you are either on a mobile, PC, tablet or something with a screen. Well guess what you have more luck than all the people who would never see one of these. You had a healthy breakfast? Again, I don’t want to sound negative, but you’re lucky because you happen to live in a good environment where have three meals a day. I know one person is not enough to make a difference but what I want to tell you is that you can make a difference for yourself. And trust me when I say that I’m familiar with all of these times when you feel insecure and unlucky. But if you hold you head up, look around you and see the beautiful things in your life, trust me you’d realise what luck is.

What is actually luck for you?

SD xxx

Ok. This is me!

Hello peeps around the world (someone actually reading?) 🙂

I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite a while now and of course as most of the things in my life I spent more time thinking about it than actually doing it.. So here I am – freshly turned 24 a couple of days ago and decided to become more decisive. If I have to be honest, maybe this blog won`t be for many of you or will be for most of you..Anyway, let me introduce you to my series of life experiences – some unfortunate but most – fortunate which brought me to this moment of sitting on my couch in a pretty house in London, ready to share my stories with you..


SD xxx